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Alayna Maysie: Americana magic. Fusing princess pop perfection, candid anthems, and a new-age acoustic sound, her songs will make you dance or make you cry (and sometimes both at the same time). She's country meets the city wrapped up in a pink bow. She's glitter, she's 'grass, she's a daisy growing from the concrete.

The Alayna Maysie Band mixes Alayna's catchy pop melodies with global folk influences to create a unique musical experience. Alayna's powerful yet conversational lyrics invite listener's into her world. Sammy Wetstein's fiery cello playing brings a passionate energy to the band, and Caleb Swan’s mastery of a variety of instruments, including mandolin, banjo, and fiddle, allows the group to experiment with sound. Their music ties together the influences of bluegrass, Celtic, old time, pop, country, and more to create the signature sound of the Alayna Maysie Band.


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